mercoledì 11 marzo 2015


Hand up who has never broken a blush palette? 
Yesterday it was my turn... I use to bring my blush set with me in my bag and today I found it broken into several pieces. Since I would not threw it away I arrange a way to build it up again.

What is needed:
a small container
a stick (or a swab)
feew drop of toner
old newspaper
a knife

Firstly I split the pieces of blush into smaller pieces with a swab in order to get a powder. 
After that I melt it with some shimmer powder I do not use anymore and I blent all together. 
When the blend is homogeneous I added few drops of toner and I arranged it in the blush set with the help of a knife. 
After some days the blend will dry and the blush set will be ready to be use again! 

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