mercoledì 21 settembre 2016


On September 20th took place one of the greatest street events about fashion. 
A big party through the streets of Milan where fashion meets people. In this occasion a lot of shops situated in the city centre were open and willing to show their new collections. 
Some of them organized real party with dj sets and special drinks or gifts. You could also just walking throught the streets and got inspired by original outfit shown by the other participants as well as by fall/winter collections. 
Is not hard to understand why it is one of my favourite events! 
And after the Milan Vogue Fashion night out... the Milan Fashion Week can start!

domenica 11 settembre 2016


Do you remember this movie? 
"Thelma and Louise" of course! It is a film about friendship and women social situation in some states of USA. It was directed by Ridley Scott in 1991 and it won an oscar in 1992.
I saw this engaging movie last week and I couldn't do without dreaming about the fashion style of the two girls. The main characters are Susan Sarandon and Geena  Davis, they show amazing street-western style  and messy hairstyle, very actual today too!
My favourite are high waist skinny jeans with black or white top! A jeans leaveles shirt with a knot, big eyeglass and leather ankle-boots!
A truly feminine rock style! 
Let's have a look!