sabato 27 dicembre 2014


I want to talk about a finding I made recently: Micellar Water. An innovative product used to remove make up, soothe and hydrate gently the face and the lips, suitable for sensitive skin too.
I bought Micellar - Cleansing Water by Garnier intrigued by some opinions that claimed its efficancy and gentleness. But I soon discovered that a lot of different brand make this product and they are more or less expensive and refined.

I started to use it to remove the makeup and clean the face replacing at first the cleansing cream and then even my usual express make up removal 2in1 by Garnier and eye make up removal by Nivea. Now I deserve the makeup removal only when I want to take off make-up for special events.

Advantages are many: it is so gentle that no eyes will burn even if you will wipe waterproof make up and long lasting eye liner. In addition it does not require any rinsing and so the make up removal will become more faster and you could apply your favurite cream soon after.

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